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The 3-2 Pitch


Well, the “hard” part is done.  You went to campus, you took part in a number of interviews; maybe you even set up some phone interviews along the way!  Just the waiting game, right?  WRONG!  You were prepared, and it shows.  You ended up getting offers from several institutions, and even moreso, several assistantship offers from the same institutions!

If not, this is the situation I’m in, and quite honestly, I don’t know what to do!  Both institutions have their draws, and in some cases  for completely different reasons!  The assistantships sometimes aren’t even comparable, so how do you navigate?

There are a few things that after speaking with administrators, grad students, and other Seniors navigating the process that stand out to me.

First, take a second.  You’re in the drivers seat.  Revel in that. Feel good about how you made it here and what you can do from here.

  • Make a Pro/Con list; you might find that you’re more limited here, because you’ll want to “weight” things differently here.  But that might tell you something also!
  • Decide what you’d be giving up at each school. Can you live without that? What can’t you live without!  What will each decision mean, in terms of assistantship salary, location, school size; how will you be limited or gain in either situation?
  • Check out your housing costs.  Can you survive on the lifestyle that will come from your assistantship stipend?  What will that lifestyle be like?
  • Talk to a current grad student in the program (assuming you haven’t already)!  What was the program like? What was one thing that they wished were different?  What are the concerns they have?
  • Talk to an administrator (assuming you haven’t already).  Where will the program be in 2 years?
  • Follow your heart! If you haven’t visited all the campuses who have offered to you, think about checking them out; you’ll “feel it” when you’re on the campus your supposed to be!

Good Luck in the process, and remember, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!

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