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Switch Hitting


I was facilitating a leadership course on campus with a classroom of Freshman students, talking about commitment in context of the development of individual goals, and expanding those goals to help others as well.  We’re using the Social change model, so this discussion was predicated on the assumption that the individual had examined their own values, and understood the importance of staying congruent to those values, and who they are as people.

Explaining the importance of being passionate about ‘what you do,’ my co-facilitator began to explain a quote one of her law professors spoke to her; ‘when you can mediate the ground between what the world needs, and where your vocation and passion lies, you have found your true calling.’

This quote struck me, because I realized how often I have discussed the vocational choice of those around me, finding how important their experiences were in not only shaping who they are, but what they did as well!  If you’re not passionate about what you do, good at it, and contributing something that is benefitting the world in a positive way (to whatever extent that impact may be)  you’re not likely to succeed, or ultimately be happy.  It’s an interesting but simple concept: do what you love, and love what you do.

At least initially, you may not be doing your ‘dream job,’ and likely you won’t for a little while.  But fortunately, and what I realized in my SOAR class, is that if you’re aiming your job at a value, rather than a specific area of interest, you give yourself all kinds of opportunities!  I’ll admit, I’m not completely sold on my interest in Res Life (gasp from the crowd) but I love leadership development, I love working in team settings, and I love working with students.  Covering all these bases leaves me with the assurance that while I may not spend my life in a Residence Hall, I will have transferable skills, and I will definitely be learning something new by stepping outside of my comfort zone!

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