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For the Retiring Student Leader


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After being elected and serving a year as the Freshman Class President four years ago, the Inter-Class Council elected me as the Chair of the Organization.  I have served in that capacity for the last three years, representing the Organization as a whole, running meetings, setting goals for the future, and supporting officers in their programming and administrative efforts.  Yesterday evening, I Chaired my last meeting, swearing in my successor, tearful and humbled by the response my departure received.

Over the last few weeks I have been reflective and unable to put effectively into words how incredible, yet bittersweet, my experience on ICC has been.  Often the source of recognition and not the recipient, the Chair position is often one that goes with an enhanced feeling of service over acknowledgment.

Ironically, I have found more peace in this idea than I ever would have expected, when the Organization that I love so deeply gave voice to their appreciation for the work that I have done, and in the most unexpected of ways.  They aren’t thinking about it. A few weeks ago, I posted on The SGA Collaborative Blog about my realization that students were unaware of the work that I had done.  But I think I missed the real significance in that post;they didn’t need to think about the things that I did.

I have been too caught up in the recognition of what I did, when the point of my contribution was for an organization that by shifting the focus from day-to-day internal management, ICC can better serve and represent students. It’s the fact that today ICC doesn’t think about the things that they did when I entered my position that makes having contributed through the position important.

As long as the contributions are remembered and taken into account for the Organization to grow into the visions that are set out by Chairs and ICC General Assemblies to come, I have done my part in the greater evolution of the Organization.  That’s something that I can personally appreciate, and the reminder of why I love building visions for Organizations, and supporting groups in their growth both personally and collectively.

What’s even better is that after all this talk about a ‘thankless’ position, ICC truly did appreciate me, whether they spoke about it often, or not.  They noticed far more than I gave them credit for, and honestly felt a little guilty for doubting them, as my last meeting was truly an acknowledgement of the work that I have done over the last four years, as well as an opportunity to thank everyone for evolving with a changing Organization, and appreciating them for all of their hard work

Addendum: I couldn’t help but post this picture from our “Student Involvement Recognition Reception” where I received the “Honorary Chair” award for ICC.  They really appreciated my contribution, and I have the applause to prove it.  Thanks, ICC.

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