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Flexibility, not Bodybuilding: Impressions of a ‘Big State’ Experience


I’ve roadtripped across the country with no A/C, visited my family, moved into my home for the next year, been trained on everything from bedbugs and mold to fire panels and emergencey protocol matrices, moved in a staff of 4 men and helped to prepare them and my building of nearly 300 for the arrival of thousands of students, families, and staff members for move-in; worn out, overwhelmed, and oddly engrained with a feeling of hesistant confidence.

More importantly, I’m beginning to look around an office that was musty and foreign, and making it my own. I’m looking at staff members whose names I initially struggled with, and calling them friends. I’m training students who months ago and only a few hundred miles away, I would have called peers, and entrusted with their supervision and guidance.

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